The Bulldog Original Silver Filter Tips


The Bulldog Original Silver Filter Tips

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Keep It Clean With A Filter

Filters are one of the most important items in any herb lover’s collection. They allow people to roll their herbs with ease and can make all the difference in your relaxation sessions.

These filter tips are made from the best and sturdiest materials to do all the functions of a filter tip, but better. 

Product Features

  • High-quality, long-lasting, and durableLightweight and portable 
  • Designed to fit most standard herb rolls.
  • The tips help to reduce the amount of tar and keep the roll burning evenly. 

Provides a Smooth, Clean Session

These Bulldog Original Silver Filter Tips are sturdy and help to increase the strength of the roll, preventing the herbs from falling apart at the slightest touch. They also serve to filter out much of the tar that comes with burning herbs and prevents burns to your customers’ fingers or lips, providing a smooth, clean session. They are perfect for sharing with friends or taking on the go.



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