The Bulldog Original Metal Medium Rolling Tray

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The Bulldog Original Metal Medium Rolling Tray

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The Bulldog is actually the very first coffeeshop ever and until today, the only one with its original founders and owner. That means, the term "coffeeshop" as we know it today for Amsterdam, was coined by Henk. He decided to name his "coffeeshop" after the breed of his beloved four legged friend Joris, an English Bulldog. A loyal, friendly and stubborn animal, one to fight 'till the end. 

This coffeeshop has changed the way the world looks at smokeable herbs and has left a legacy nobody can deny when walking the streets of Amsterdam!

This original Bulldog metal rolling tray that will last you many years and you will be part of the initial rebel family that made this entire industry possible!

Material: Metal
Size: 28 x 17.5 x 2.5 cm
Weight: 150 g



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