Jumbo Rasta Perforated Filters

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Jumbo Rasta Perforated Filters

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Thick Enough To Get The Job Done…

Jumbo Rasta Filter Tips are paper mouthpieces that come in the shape of rectangles. They also have perforation on one end, making it less complicated to roll up the tips. 

The mouthpieces are glued in the form of a booklet, protecting them from destruction as they are always in one place. You really do not have to worry about the packaging. Each booklet contains 45 mouthpieces! 

… Thin and Attractive Enough To Spark Interest!

Our Jumbo Rasta Filter Tips are not too thick, allowing you to roll precisely how you like!

And another characteristic feature of these Jumbo mouthpieces is their color; the tips in each packet come in the Rasta flag’s colors – red, yellow, and green.

These colors red, yellow, and green that show through the thin rolling papers are beautiful and attractive. They are a must-have addition to your inventory!




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