Beuz High Buddy Unbleached Filter Tips

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Beuz High Buddy Unbleached Filter Tips

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Beuz For The Boss Customers

Nobody likes getting a mouthful of green snacks when expecting a clean hit. That’s why Beuz High Buddy Unbleached Filter Tips promises to keep your tongue and mouth clean from residue.

These filters come in 50 booklets with unbleached leaves that prevent the spread of spit while sharing and work as an ash catcher in every sesh. Additionally, filters can help remove any unwanted tar from herbs, and they will allow you to enjoy their green without burning their fingertips.

Product Features

 High-quality and long-lasting

No chemicals added

Effectively sieves out tar in herb rolls. 

Ensures a smoother and cleaner relaxation session

With Beuz Filter Tips, Every Filling Counts

The Beuz Filter Tip is a pack of 50 premium, perforated filter tips. They are unbleached and made of all-natural hemp fiber for a simple and effective sesh.

The perforated tips make it easy to roll up that classic “W” filter to ensure there are no accidental escapes! 

The Beuz High Buddy Unbleached Filter Tips also help prevent the herb roll filling from falling out and provide the smoker with just enough space from the source of heat. These unique slim tips will fit any premium rolling paper perfectly.



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