The Creation of Adam Rolling Tray
The Creation of Adam Rolling Tray

The Puffing Catterpillar

The Creation of Adam Rolling Tray

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Perfect For That Long-Awaited Group Sesh!

It is not every time you enjoy group smoking sessions with friends. But when schedules finally align and the time for that long-awaited session arrives, this epic rolling tray would be the best choice! This tray features a well-detailed art that adds a humorous twist to the famous artwork of Da Vinci. The art is a perfect replica of what group smoking sessions look like, which makes this product the best rolling tray for the job.

The size and weight of this tray also combine to cement this tray’s place in the group sesh hall of fame. The dimensions of this tray are wide enough to hold enough herbs for a group session but not too wide that it will be hard for you to carry them from place to place. It is not so heavy, so you will have no hard time bringing them in a backpack or bag.

Not Just A Good-Looking Tray

This tray has an eyecatching design that will be the first thing you notice, but that is not all it promises. The tray features a flat base that allows you to roll your joints easily, and the raised edges make sure that none of their precious herbs is lost in the process. This tray also features rounded edges that make it easy for you to scoop out any herbs remaining without stress. They are also easier to clean than trays with sharp edges.


Medium: 17,5 x 27.5 cm. weight 176 g



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