RAW Starter Box
RAW Starter Box


RAW Starter Box

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This Raw Starter Box gives you everything you need to get going on your smoking adventures!

This box includes

Classic Kingsize Slim

This is where Raw all began. Even though they have three different types of skins, this is still considered the most iconic and, well, classic.

Classic Single Wide

The same classic taste in a smaller paper. Why settle for standard Rizla Greens when you roll your rollies?

Organic Hemp Kingsize Slim

This is Raws organic and unbleached paper. It's smooth and easy to roll with with little paper taste meaning you get all the taste of herb!

Cone Tips

if you're interested in rolling baseball bats, these are the tips for you. The coned tips help you shape your smoke to exactly how you want it to look.

Perforated Tips

These tips are made from cotton giving the ideal feel. They're slightly wider and come with a perforated section. This means you can roll your tip with an S easily!

Pre-rolled Tips

Raw have made tips for you to try! These work really well and saves that little bit more time.

Hemp Wick

Hemp wick is ideal to get that butane taste out of your smoke. You can either use it to light your roll up or your bong. Once You've tried hemp wick, you don't want to go back.


This tin is ideal to keep all your smoking must haves in one safe place.

Even if you're an experienced smoker, this bundle is for you!



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