Mushroom Glass-Clay Purple Bong GLOW IN THE DARK

The Puffing Catterpillar

Mushroom Glass-Clay Purple Bong GLOW IN THE DARK

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It is 16cm long, which is tall enough for a satisfying smoke. Also, it is made of special glass for the smoothest draws for you. This glass material is also designed to ensure that heat from the bowl is not easily transmitted to the whole apparatus. Also, the material is stable enough such that there won’t be any chemical alteration to the quality of the smoke. Additionally, the base of the Mushroom Glass-Clay bong which is wide— is a winner. This shape makes the accessory convenient for holding enough water required. 

Not Your Regular Kind Of Bong. Not to brag, but these glass bongs are one of a kind!

Height: 16 cm
Weight: 448 grams



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