Laramie Handmade Traditional Wooden Pipe


Laramie Handmade Traditional Wooden Pipe

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Laramie Handmade Wooden Pipe

Laramie is an old name in tobacco so the Laramie pipe is just what you would expect. High quality wood with a nice balance and easy to light. 

Taste Tip: We suggest breaking it in with a bit of honey or pipe sweetener until it becomes your seasoned favourite. To break it in simply means to get the wood accustomed to the heat of glowing tobacco in the bowl. As you gradually build up a carbon layer the pipe will adjust itself. Still, slightly burning the surface of the wood to some extent is natural. To keep this at a minimum, puff and drag carefully and gently during the first dozen fills.

Product Details:

  • Includes Carrying Pouch
  • Made With High Quality Wood
  • Handmade



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