Jumbo Kingsize Cones Unbleached Pre-rolled 3-pack
Jumbo Kingsize Cones Unbleached Pre-rolled 3-pack

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Jumbo Kingsize Cones Unbleached Pre-rolled 3-pack

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Where Quantity Meets Quality

Our Jumbo King Size Unbleached Cones 3 Cones per Pack are perfect for those who struggle to roll. You will only need to fill them up and enjoy! These unbleached cones are premium Dutch cones made in the Netherlands. Each packet contains 3 pre-rolled kingsize cones and plastic sticks. Jumbo’s precision-crafted pre-rolled cones are made from natural unbleached paper and are ready to be easily filled. Unlike other rolling papers and tips, these Jumbo Unbleached Cones Papers have no added chalk or dyes!

Each cone length measures 26cm and comes in a box of 3 cones.

Natural Design Without Compromising Functionality

Thin, tasteless, and made of the highest-quality materials for true lovers of dried herbs, the product is already in a pre-prepared joint with a very functional shape. It is 12cm long and tapers towards the filter. Thanks to this, you can get the best flavor from the beginning to the very end. Natural material has been used here, without bleaching, so you can rest assured its use will be completely safe. In each pack, there are 3 ready-mades, securely packed joints. 



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