Gelato Medium Metal Rolling Tray
Gelato Medium Metal Rolling Tray
Gelato Medium Metal Rolling Tray

The Puffing Catterpillar

Gelato Medium Metal Rolling Tray

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A Special Italian-themed Tray

As a unique tray with unmatched quality, this Gelato Metal Rolling Tray Medium, is designed to make you salivate even before getting a taste of your favourite smoke. The rolling tray was made to keep your smoking accessories all in one place. Therefore, with this rolling tray, not only do you keep things tidy, you prevent any unwanted losses.

Get Rid of Rolling Messes

Rolling can be messy and at times, difficult, especially if you are new to the craft. That is the reason we recommend a Gelato Metal Rolling Tray Medium. You will prevent messes. Even if you are a pro, it is normal to drop herb and bits here and there when rolling a joint but with this tray you have enough room to roll without spilling anything.

Our Gelato Rolling Tray is made to help you roll in style, with its raised edges preventing any crumbs and bits from sliding off. No mess – no fuss!


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Dimensions 17,5 × 27,5 × 2 cm


Tray size

Medium (18×28 cm)


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