Saverette King Size Cigarette Cone
Saverette King Size Cigarette Cone

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Saverette King Size Cigarette Cone

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The best solution to extinguish and save your cigarette is, without a doubt, the Saverette! This unique cigarette saving tube is made of a type of plastic that won't melt or burn and is basically indestructible. As simple as this design might seem, a long road has been travelled to perfect it. There is no better solution - so stop throwing away your halfway smoked cigarette, put it in a Saverette! 

No loss of taste, absolutely no smell! Put out your cigarette within 5 seconds. Water resistant. Reusable. Multifunctional and easy transportable.

Brand: Saverette
Material: Plastic
Size: 15 x 116 mm (kingsize)
Weight: 8g



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