Champ High Mirror Metal Grinder 4-Parts
Champ High Mirror Metal Grinder 4-Parts
Champ High Mirror Metal Grinder 4-Parts

The Puffing Catterpillar

Champ High Mirror Metal Grinder 4-Parts

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A Trippy Way To Grind!

It’s the herbs’ job to give you an out-of-this-world experience when smoking. But you can get that experience earlier when you grind with the Champ High Mirror Metal Grinder.

These beauties come in 4 distinct and unique designs per pack, giving you the option to choose your preferred one. You will appreciate every compliment you will get when using this grinder.

Measuring 5.2 by 3.7 cm, this grinder is portable and convenient to carry around. You just need to drop it in a bag with no hassle attached.

A 4-part Grinder That Has It All

We assure you that this 4-part grinder is the best grinder you will ever use. It comes with benefits that you will surely enjoy. This Champ Mirror Metal Grinder includes a magnetic lid for easier grip, a diamond-toothed section for grinding, a herb-filtering unit for getting more delicate herbs, and a collection pan to reduce waste.

Thanks to its solid and resilient metal construction, this grinder is durable enough to get grinding jobs done without fear of denting or damage. Unlike wooden or ceramic grinders, the metal teeth of this grinder will not break or bend, no matter how dense your herbs are. You can get your finely ground herbs with a few twists and no fuss.

If you want to separate your kief or trichomes from your ground herbs you can use this 4-piece grinder with its unique mesh layer. This allows you to enjoy your herbs with or without kief. You can rest confident that your herbs will get grinded on your terms! All the sections of this exquisite grinder are airtight and non-corrosive. So you are assured that their herbs remain of high quality after grinding.



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