Beuz Monsters City White Filter Tips
Beuz Monsters City White Filter Tips

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Beuz Monsters City White Filter Tips

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Let’s introduce you to our Beuz Monsters City White Filter Tips, specially made for rolling. It will ensure that you enjoy the convenience filter tips offer. And for any size of rolling paper, you may have, these filter tips will be an exact match for rolling! 

Each of the 50 booklets contains leaves of paper mouthpieces that come in the regular slim tips shape of rectangles. The smoke travels a longer distance through the filter, ensuring that no stray particles escape while laying the groundwork for a solid herb roll and maintaining a dry tip throughout. 

Rolling herb rolls is also easy and comfortable because of the thin, nicely formed filter.


Product Features

 High-quality and long-lasting

No chemicals added

Effectively sieves out tar in herb rolls. 

Ensures a smoother and cleaner relaxation session

White Sheets For Solid herb rolls



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