Beuz Cool Skull Biodegrable Grinder 3-part 60mm
Beuz Cool Skull Biodegrable Grinder 3-part 60mm
Beuz Cool Skull Biodegrable Grinder 3-part 60mm

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Beuz Cool Skull Biodegrable Grinder 3-part 60mm

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Beuz Is The New Cool

The wholesale Beuz Cool Skull Biodegradable Grinder is a biodegradable grinder that meets your herb grinding needs. The widespread adoption of cannabis as a recreational drug in recent times has caused herb grinders to become synonymous with weed lovers. You might just be asking, “how does it work” well read on. For the Newbies who don’t know what this grinder is, it is a cylindrical device divided into two parts. Both separate parts have sharp teeth or pegs positioned in such a way that turning each half in an anti-clockwise motion will shred anything you put inside to fine pieces. We have specially equipped this grinder to grind your cannabis into pieces. The end result is a weed that can be rolled into a perfect joint that burns evenly. Using your fingers to grind your weed is possible, but using a grinder before puffing improves the taste, smell, and overall potency of your weed.

This herb grinder is made from biodegradable material, making it an environmentally friendly option for your customers in the market. With more focus given by nations to the subject of global warming, companies have looked inwards to ensure that they manufacture products doesn’t harm the environment. That’s why the Beuz brand has joined the game with this eco-friendly product. Also, when it comes to durability, this grinder comes out tops.

Eco-Friendly Shredder

It is the ease and convenience of moving this product that makes it a must-have. It’s almost as light as air. You could hold it in your hand and not feel like the weight of a chunky metal is pulling you down. It’s time to move freely with no restrictions, so get ready to fly. Sticky and stained grinders could be a bit difficult to clean. No smoker will want to sweat over getting stubborn stains off a grinder. So we’ve made this grinder easy to clean. A little water and a light scrub, and you are good to go. With the efficiency of the Beuz grinder, you are sure to grind your flower with half the time you would have taken to grind with your fingers. It also makes the process neater and more coordinated.



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