Jumbo Pink Perforated Filters

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Jumbo Pink Perforated Filters

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The Jumbo Pink Filter Tips are paper mouthpieces in the regular shape of rectangles. The perforation on one end makes it easier for you to roll up the tips. The unique feature of these Jumbo mouthpieces is their color —the tips in each packet come in a trendy pink color.

What else? They prevent having a wet tip at the end of a roll and they also prevent some of the product from spilling in the user’s mouth, or wasting. Additionally, these filters are designed for better cooling of the puffs with a filter dyed in pink using natural ingredients. So you can rest assured the tips are 100% natural, and free of toxins.

 Add Some Color To Your Greens

You can give yourself some respite from cutting magazines or old business cards into filter tips. Our booklets of perfect tips, specially made for rolling, will ensure that you enjoy the convenience they offer. They were designed to match perfect rolling sizes and are perforated for a perfect roll!

Our Jumbo Pink Filter Tips will make cute additions to your smoking accessory kit and spark the interest of other green enthusiasts!



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