Cyclones Hemp Cones
Cyclones Hemp Cones
Cyclones Hemp Cones
Cyclones Hemp Cones

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Cyclones Hemp Cones

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Purple Cones: Lightly Flavored And Deliciously Discreet

If rolling herbs is still a problem for you, you haven’t heard about the  Cyclones Hemp Cones. With these innovative pre-rolled-up accessories, the experience of making a herb roll just got a lot better and cleaner!  

Lightly flavored and deliciously discreet, these hemp cones are the perfect way to start a relaxation session. They are made from all-natural hemp and come in a 24-pack display box. With no papers or plastics, these cones will not leave your hands sticky as other cones do. 

The design hemp cones are carefully created to help you roll the finest herb rolls. Made from high-quality natural hemp, these cones are guaranteed to get you a perfect roll every time!

The Cyclone Hemp Cones are natural and biodegradable. The fact that they’re made from organically grown hemp fibers means that they’re able to offer the same economic benefits as plastic bags but with a more earth-friendly twist!

All ingredients that go into making these hemp Cones are 100% natural and contain no nicotine or tobacco. 

Cyclones’ perfectly created hemp cones are just about the best relaxation accessory for a fellow herb enthusiast to have. Not only do they contain a little more material than your average paper cone, but they’re also more durable and offer more longevity. Plus, they’re very easy to use. 


Red Alert = Strawberry
Purple = Grape
Original = No Flavour



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